Pro Setup Tips

Setting up your SunBear Shade is super easy and you'll have it mastered after the first time!

Here are a few tips from the pros that will help you get it setup quickly and correctly. 

Step 1 - Lay out the SunBear Shade

  1. Just lay your SunBear out on the sand.
  2. We usually go with the logo facing up and in the back.

Step 2 - Fill the corner pockets with sand

  1. There is no such thing as too much sand in the corner pockets. When you think you’ve scooped enough, scoop a little more!
  2. It’s super easy when you lay the empty sandbags on their side, then scoop/push sand in. You can also push sand on the fabric above the hole and then lift it so the sand falls into the bag.
  3. Once the corner pockets are filled with sand you’ll want to stretch out The SunBear even more. Try and form an X with the legs. Once up, you can play around with the angles of the legs. Straight back and forth brings the tent a little higher. Side to side makes it lower. Somewhere in the middle is typically just right!



Step 3 - Prop up with poles

  1. The foam ball is the side that touches The SunBear. The bottom is held down by gravity but it never hurts to drive it into the sand a few inches.
  2. There are several great ways to set up your poles. Most common are 2 or 4 pole setups. For either of these, you’ll want to place the foam ball on the inside of the corner seam, closer to the outside.


Windy setup - The SunBear Shade works great in the wind if you set it up right. Here are a few tips for setting it up on a windy day.

  1. Lay it out with your back to the wind, so the opening is catching the wind.
  2. More sand! It helps to reinforce the sandbag with more sand, too!
  3. The more stretched out, the sturdier your SunBear will stand.
  4. You can drive the poles a few inches into the sand and angle them facing out and up.